Sunday, September 13, 2015

There She Is

Hello Readers,

I am sorry it has been a while since my last post... Life got a little crazy. We all know how that goes. Regardless, I am back with the blogging!

Tonight we crown a new Miss America. And I have house that has been freshly cleaned, tons of pizza on its way, and friends ready to cheer on our Miss Arkansas, Loren McDaniel. She has been there for two weeks now doing preliminary competition and appearances in Atlantic City. Loren has been one of my loyal clients and dear friend for three years now! I remember working with her at her first Miss Arkansas preliminary pageant. We were both so new to the system, but so eager to see how this all would play out. After three years of hard work and dedication here she is now... AT MISS AMERICA!

Photo: Kristina Thomas Photography
Hair and Makeup: Megan Farmer

I just wanted to share with you some of the essentials our very own Miss Arkansas wanted to take with her to Miss America.

1. Dry Texture Spray
The perfect product to add that extra grit for teasing. Every pageant girl's must have product... or any one who likes big hair.

2. Oribe Superfine Hairspray
What else would she use to keep every piece of hair in place so she can be picture ready at any point?

3. Run-Through Detangling Primer
This is one of Oribe's newest products! Obviously, it detangles the hair... but it also primes the hair and evens out the porosity. Evening out the porosity allows any other products used in the hair to be applied evenly. This is also one of the BEST detanglers I have ever used!

* For Example: Ever notice when you use a hair plumping mousse that it works REALLY good in some places and not so much in other places? It's because the porosity isn't even. Putting in a primer before hand just helps to even that out.

Be sure to tune into ABC tonight to watch Loren compete for the title of Miss America at 8pm central time!

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