Thursday, April 30, 2015

Blonde Hair Don't Care

Hello Readers,

Have you heard? Oribe has finally launched the perfect shampoo that every blonde should own! It’s called Bright Blonde and don't you worry I am gonna tell you ALLLL about it!

The shampoo it is a sulfate free and gluten free shampoo. It contains the perfect amount of violet pigment to eliminate any brassy/warm tones and brighten your blonde as well! The shampoo contains coconut and corn derived cleansers that allows the hair to be squeaky clean, but isn't harsh... so it will keep your blonde bright and vibrant.  What more could you ask for? To top it off it is safe to use EVERY DAY…. yes, you read that right. EVERY DAY!

Now for the conditioner, it contains plum seed oil and shea butter which allows the hair to be conditioned, but without weighing it down or making it flat. And let’s be honest, us southern girls do not like flat hair. It also contains olive oil and jojoba oils to enhance the shine and give it that extra hydration that every blonde needs!

And now you are wondering how to get your hands on this amazing duo... All you have to do is stop by Freshair Salon and pick some up!

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