Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's Brow time!

Hello Readers,

We have some exciting things happening at Freshair Salon, but you will have to watch our social media accounts to see what all is happening. One thing I can tell you about is one of our new lines that we now have in the salon! We are so excited to bring a little piece of L.A. to Fayetteville… We are now carrying Zoey Van Jones Brow Line! Other than Zoey Van Jones Brow Studio, we are the only other salon in the country that has the privilege of carrying this line.

This eyebrow line is hitting the ground hard and has already been featured in InStyle, Total Beauty, Cosmopolitan, and the New York Times. It has also been a featured product in Brichbox! And now you can see this product at Freshair!

Back in October, Ginny King from Zoey Van Jones Brow Studio, stopped by to give us a class on eyebrows and the art of shaping them! It was amazing to see the transformation, and to see how much something as small as an eyebrow shape can completely change the way a face looks. We had a blast at the class and all walked out with amazing eyebrows thanks to Ginny!

In the Zoey Van Jones line, you will find eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powders, and eyebrow gels. They all come in four colors including Blonde, Sandy, Strawburn, and Brunette. She also has a line of eyebrow stencils that help you to create that perfect shape at home. And we can’t forget about the tweezers and dual eyebrow brush.

If you aren't already sold on how awesome this product line looks or what you have read so far then listen to this… Freshair SOLD OUT of ALL of our Zoey Van Jones products in THREE DAYS! Don’t worry we have re-ordered and will have it in stock soon, but until then book an appointment with your stylist at Freshair and ask them to show you some of the testers we have at the salon… You won’t be disappointed!

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