Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Year for the Books!

Hello Readers,

Well a new year is here and naturally we reflect on the last year of our life... the things we are grateful for and the things that have caused heartache and tears. The things we regret and the things we have accomplished. This is has been one of the greatest and one of the harder years of my life all wrapped in one. So here are a few of the happy and exciting moments of 2014!

1. The Blog was born.
In January, I created this blog that you are currently reading and have had thousands upon thousands of readers view it... And I sincerely say thank you for that. I have had so much fun writing these posts and then having people come into the salon and tell me how much they enjoy reading it makes it that much better.

2. Meeting an idol!
When I was in Cosmetology School we had an assignment to make these things called dream boards and on mine I put that I wanted to meet the one and only Rachael Ray. Even if it was only for a few seconds... I still got to introduce myself and take a picture with her.

3. Pampering Pageant Queens.
In March, I took over the job of being the official hairstylist of the Miss Arkansas USA Pageant! This was an incredible blessing in my life, because not only did it help with my career, but it also created a few amazing friendships with not only Helen and Lauren (the 2014 Queens), but also Lauren's mom Kristina. They are three amazing woman and our friendships will last a lifetime. And now you can add two more amazing young woman to that list... my 2015 Queens Leah and Arynn.

4. Becoming apart of the Freshair Family.
In April, I took a job at Freshair which is obviously where I still am working. I am so happy that I took this job, because if I wouldn't have I would have never met the amazing women who work there and would have never met some of the people I consider my best friends.

6. My first behind the scenes experience...
In July, I got to work behind the scenes at my first music video with my favorite local band... Backroad Anthem! It was so much fun to get to hang out with the band and all the Miss USA contestants who were featured in the video! And then later on, I took on the job of becoming the official hairstylist for all the guys of the band suppling them with amazing products and some killer haircuts...  and let me tell you these guys go through A LOT of hairspray. I can't wait to see what is in store for this talented group!

7. My never ending project!
In August, I launched my website where I talk about all things hair and makeup related. It really is a never ending project. I am constantly trying to make changes for you, my readers, to learn new things and look gorgeous while doing it!

8. T.V. Debut
In September, the salon was featured on TLC's 19 Kids and counting. That was such a fun day! We shut down the salon for 5 of the oldest girls to come in and get ideas on how to wear their hair and makeup for Jana Duggar's wedding. There were cameras everywhere and boom mics would magically appear over your head!

I am grateful for the friends that I have and the laughs that we have shared. I am grateful for the job that I have and for the clients that sit in my chair along with the conversations we share. I am grateful for my family and the encouragement and support they constantly provide.  And I am thankful YOU, my readers... because of you this blog is still going a year later.