Sunday, December 14, 2014

Makeup, Makeup, and More Makeup

Hello Readers,

I have been doing a ton a makeup applications in the salon lately. They have been for all occasions... senior pictures, christmas pictures, holiday parties, banquets, weddings, etc.. And one of my favorite things is to see someone's facial expression after I turn their chair towards the mirror and show them their makeup.

Last week I did hair and makeup for one of our fabulous receptionist, Corrie. She was going to a banquet to honor the Arkansas Razorback Football team. She told me the outfit she was gonna wear and that helped me determine the look we were gonna go for.

In the first part of the video you will see me apply Corrie's foundation and then do some highlighting and contouring. After that I will start on her eyes. I wanted to go for more of a smokey eye, but not a super crazy one because Corrie doesn't normally wear a ton of makeup... I didn't want to freak her out. I will get her smokey eye half way done and then add eyeliner and eyelashes. After I do that I will go back through and finish out her eyeshadow. I do this because it is easier for me to see how things are going to look when we get to the finish line. It is much easier to add makeup then it is to take it off. Then I will add a touch more highlighting under her eye and then add blush and lip stick.

It's not the greatest quality video but I hope you enjoy it anyway!

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