Monday, September 29, 2014

Smith and Cult

Hello Readers,

Have you ever heard of Hard Candy Nail Polish?

Well, its creator Dineh Mohajer is back with her partner Jeanne Chavez and they are better than ever. Smith and Cult is a high end line with thirty 30 shades in it including a top coat and a base coat. This line is one of the most creative and fun lines I have come across.

"Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow"

The name of the polishes have some and interesting names. Anywhere from "Dirty Baby" to "Bitter Buddhist" to "Gay Ponies Dancing in the Snow".... and no I didn't just make that up. Along with this line comes an illustrated journal that tells little stories about six of the existing shades.

The eye catching bottle is a small circular glass bottle with a silver dented cap and the polish inside is to last (chip free) for seven days. Not only do they have the unique name factor to their line that makes you curious, but they also have what they call the "Five Free Formula" that draws you in and keeps you coming back for more. The "Five Free Formula" means it has been formulated without he harsh chemicals Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. This is a very good thing for my fellow nail bitters out there. Each polish is $18 dollars. Not only do they have the existing thirty shades and plan to introduce news shades quarterly, but they also are set to launch a lip gloss line in the summer of 2015.

Now you can't go down the street and buy this little bottle of shiny goodness, because it's only offered in specific salons. Only 250 salons where given the oppurtunity to carry this unique line and Freshair was one of them. We are also the only salon in the state of Arkansas to have this privilege. So don't wait! Stop by the salon to have your chance and using this nail polish.

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