Monday, September 15, 2014

Miss America Favorites

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As you all know I am very involved in working with pageants across the state of Arkansas... and the Super Bowl of Pageants happened last night. Yes, I am talking about Miss America. So I am gonna give you a recap of some of my favorites!
Photos Courtesy of Miss America Organization

1. Miss Arkansas - Ashton Campbell

Of course our home state girl is gonna be in my top four! She looked great all week! She killed it in every phase of competition. She looked fabulous all week and her beauty team helped with that! Two amazing women were back there with her and they are also some good friends of mine, Jane White and Lauren Colclasure. My favorite look the entire week was her talent hair and makeup! Her hair pulled back into a half up half down style was perfect for the neckline of the dress and the song she sang. Then the soft pink lipstick was the icing on the cake. ELEGANT is the perfect word to describe her look. Well done Lauren and Jane... as usual! And congratulations Ashton on Second Runner-Up to MISS AMERICA!

Photos Courtesy of Miss America Organization

2. Miss Mississippi - Jasmine Murray

If you didn't watch last night you seriously missed out on an AMAZING Talent! She performed Christina Aguilera's version of "Something's Got a Hold of Me". Jasmine was on the 8th season of American Idol and made the top 13. She brought that Miss America stage down last night! And then to top it off her hair looked amazing all week. She had the cascading waterfall of curls and it looked so full and classic. Jasmine made the Top 10.

Photos Courtesy of Miss America Organization

3. Miss Florida - Victoria Cowen

I absolutely loved that she wore her hair straight for competition. She stood out from the crowd, but it wasn't that board straight stuck to her head straight. It had the perfect amount of volume and was curled under just a touch on the ends. Bravo Florida for rocking the straight hair! Victoria danced to "Note to God" and was so elegant and she made every move look effortless. She was awarded Third Runner Up to Miss America.

Photos Courtesy of Miss America Organization

4. New York- Kira Kazantsev

Miss New York was crowned Miss America last night and while many were surprised, I wasn't. Yes her talent wasn't the best there... but here is the thing she is UNIQUE. She had the time of her life on stage and the judges saw that. And what a lot of people don't know is that this kind of pageant is won in the interview room. Those judges fell in love with her which is not surprising after learning more about Kira. She is fluent in three languages (English, Russian, and Spanish), graduated from Hoftstra University Honors College with a triple major (Political Science, Global Studies, and Geography) and she has already been accepted into the Law School at Notre Dame. So now you can see she that is a sharp and probably won the pageant as soon as she walked out of the interview room. Now for her hair... her pony tail for her talent was SPOT ON... the curls were bouncy and the bang framed her face perfectly! And guess who her hair and makeup team was? They were also TEAM ARKANSAS... Jane White and Lauren Colclasure. Congratulations Kira!

Photos Courtesy of Miss America Organization

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