Monday, July 28, 2014

Miss Teen USA

Hello Readers,

As you all know I am the PROUD Miss Arkansas USA and Teen USA hair sponsor! I blogged about Helen (miss queen) not too long ago right before she left for Miss USA.... Well today my phenomenal teen queen Lauren Weaver left for the Bahamas today to compete for the title of Miss Teen USA!!! And did I mention it's her 18th Birthday! So today I am gonna talk about what we did to prepare Lauren for nationals! She is required to do her own hair and makeup while she is there! I know... stressful right?

So a few weeks ago we sat down and looked at all her competition wardrobe and talked over what would look best for each phase. Then after narrowing it down she picked styles she felt comfortable doing herself! After a few hair lessons she had it down like a pro. With the help of some amazing Oribe products she will be able to achieve the styles with ease!
Hair Lessons

We did a full head of Hot Head Hair Extensions back in April and have kept those up all year. But a few weeks ago we put in some super long extensions for nationals! And because of those extensions I sent her with some Hot Heads Shampoo and Conditioner. It is alcohol free which will keep her extensions healthy and secure.
Extensions from April

Now for the Oribe products... I sent her with some Soft Lacquer to help with her sets! It gives the hair some tackiness before she curls which in turn will help her curls last longer! It also has a heat protectant in it which will help keep her hair looking healthy in the Bahamas. She also took some Impermeable which is an anti-humidity spray to keep her long locks from getting frizzy! Then she has some Dry Texture Spray and the Dry Soft Conditioner. The texture spray is going to help her get that tousled (not so clean and perfect pageant patty look) look. Think BIG Victoria Secret hair (see picture below)! The conditioner spray is good for frizzy ends. Her extensions don't get the same nutrients her actual hair does so her ends are more likely to have damage and frizziness and this will help!

Hair and Makeup by Megan Farmer
Photo by Kristina Thomas Photography

Lauren and I have spent so much time together in and out of the salon... She is a joy to be around and when the two of us are together there is so much laughter to be heard! This girl loves to be at the salon... she wants to come in even if she doesn't need anything done. I am so excited for her to be moving to Fayetteville soon! I have a feeling she might show up at the salon here and there just to hang out and do homework!
Hair and Makeup by Megan Farmer
Photo by Kristina Thomas Photography 

Help me in supporting our Miss Arkansas Teen USA by watching the Miss Teen USA pageant online (link below). Preliminary competition is on August 1st and finals are on August 2nd! You can also show your support for Lauren by sharing this photo or even making it your cover photo on Facebook!

Watch Pageant HERE! ------>

You can also watch her Youtube Contestant Interview HERE ------>


Monday, July 14, 2014

Beach Goddess Hair

Hello Readers,

We are in the middle of summer and everyone is going on their beach vacations or spending every free minute by the pool! The sun is beating down on you and stripping your hair of its color and nutrients... and you need something to help prevent that! So today I am going to talk to you about hair products to use by the pool and a quick hairstyle from hanging out by the beach to a beach side dinner!

1. Gold Lust Oil
   This oil helps to nourish the hair, adds shine, and reduces frizz. While you are out by the pool you can get your hair wet and run this through your hair and throw it up in a ponytail or bun.  It also has a UV protectant and the special blend of ingredients helps to soften and condition the hair without weighing it down.

2. Masque for Beautiful Color
    This product has the highest amount of UV protection of all Oribe products. This is a masque you can do at home after you spend the day by the pool or at the beach. It maximizes your overall color and protects against color fading from the sun.

3. Surfcomber Tousled Texture Mousse
    If you are wanting to look like a beach goddess with some amazing touchable texture then you need this amazing mousse! The Safflower seed oil helps to protect form the sun and calms frizz. This helps to create the perfect beach side wave.

4. Apres Beach
    This product creates that bombshell beach wave that every girl wants to achieve while on her beach vacation! You can use this product on wet or dry hair. A rich blend of ingredients provides silky wavy hair.
To create the perfect beach to beach side dinner hairstyle you will need the Gold Lust oil, Surfcomber Mousse, and Apres Beach. First, you will wet your hair and put a little Gold Lust Oil and Surfcomber in it. Then do a cute side braid. And when it is time to go out on the town take down the braid and shake it out then spray some of the Apres Beach to give it more of a tousled beach goddess look! Then you just need to finish it off with some Superfine Hairspray and Impereable Anti-Humidity Spray.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Reawaken your hair!

Hello Readers,

I know it has been a little while since my last blog post and I apologize for that... but I have finally recuperated from all the pageant festivities! And hopefully my blogging will continue on as usual!

So now to begin... I am wanting to introduce this amazing new product line from Oribe.  It is considered to be the fountain of youth for your hair! It rejuvenates, adds shine and creates the perfect mixture of healthy and youthful hair! So without further ado, I present to you the amazing Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo and Conditioner!

The shampoo has some key components that helps to make it such an amazing product! One is the Mediterranean Cypress Extract which in ancient times was said to be the key to youthfulness and the symbol of immortaility. Another ingredient is argon oil which helps to add shine and reduce frizz. There are a few more ingredients but of course I can't tell you all of them at once! I have to leave a little mystery for you to come and try some out at Freshair!

A lot of those same ingredients are in the conditioner as well, but it also helps to smooth down the hair cuticle. It conditions without weighing the hair down, and helps to reduce split ends... Oh and did I mention it has a UV protection in it AND is gluten free, sulfate free, and cruelty free! What more can you ask for in a hair product?!? This product line also carries a rejuvenating hair masque and a heat styling shield!

Stop by Freshair Salon on Wednesday, July 9th for our launch party for this amazing product! Or call the salon and book a blow out with one of your favorite hairstylists and ask them to use the gold lust line on you!