Monday, May 19, 2014


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Summer vacation is right around the corner and with that comes the humidity and all its gloriousness! Also with summer comes days at the pool, lake, hiking, cookouts, etc. and no girl wants to have those crazy curls or frizziness trying to come back through after you have created the perfect hair style! Clients ask me all the time how to help with these things. There are two things that I recommend!

One being I would change your products around! I would recommend that you use the Oribe Moisture and Control Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo helps to gently cleanse the hair and tame your curly locks without being harsh and stripping color or nutrients from the hair cuticle. The conditioner adds moisture to the hair which allows for softness and a healthy shine!
Then you should finish any look off with Impermeable's an ANTI HUMIDITY spray! How amazing is that??? Every female is state of Arkansas should own this awesome product! It puts a shield over your hair to not allow any heat or humidity to affect your style!

The other thing I recommend to help control curls and eliminate frizziness is to get a Keratin Smoothing Treatment. It infuses natural keratin into the hair cuticle and it reduces frizz and helps to make curls more manageable. Helps to reduce styling time so there is not so much time drying and straightening. The treatment itself last up to 6 months.... YES 6 MONTHS!!!! 

Stylist Lindsay Capps
Stylist Shelby Lambidonis

Stylist Megan Farmer
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  1. Yes, keratin oil treatment really does help fight the frizz. And then you have to also be diligent with regular hot oil treatment. Having frizzy hair is just so expensive. Haha!