Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Road to Miss USA

Hello Readers,

Some of you may or may not know why I have these two beautiful pictures posted by my station. 

I am the VERY PROUD hair sponsor of Miss Arkansas USA and Miss Arkansas Teen USA! I have had the honor of working with Helen (Miss) and Lauren (Teen) since early April. Unfortunately, their original hair sponsor could no longer offer their services and because of that I got a late start with these girls and jumped in...guns blazing! I sat down with both girls in April and we talked all things hair! I wanted to know what they wanted there hair to look like day to day and then what they wanted it to look like for nationals! So I have done my absolute best in preparing these girls for their national competition!

In this post I will be focusing on Helen, your Miss Arkansas USA as she has left for MISS USA!!! I know so cool, right? I will do another post on Lauren before her national competition! Helen has some very course textured hair that is pretty curly. When they announced Miss USA was going to be held in Baton Rouge, LA we both got a little worried about the humidity and how her hair would hold up! So we did a keratin smoothing treatment on her hair and OH MY GOSH... it has done wonders for her hair! Her hair no longers gets super frizzy and curly when it is humid or when she works out. Her hair also takes less time to fix each day making her daily routine much easier and more manageable!

Then we did a gloss over the top of her hair! She has a few red tones we wanted to try to eliminate due to stage lighting and then we wanted her hair to look super shiny and healthy! Then at that same salon visit we did a full head of Hot Head Extensions! Helen's hair will probably be curled ninety percent of the time she is in Baton Rouge and we wanted her hair to still look super long even if it was curled! So we added 30 extensions to add about 5 inches in length and create a ton of fullness! 

And of course I can't forget the hair lessons we did! Helen showed me her wardrobe and we discussed what would look best with the attire she was wearing and the overall look she wanted to achieve! Once we decided what would look best with each of phase of competition I showed her how to do them and then I would take the style down and have her do it! So I watched each step and told her what she was doing right and what she could change to make things easier.

We have spent several hours together and I have LOVED every minute of being her hair sponsor! I am so excited to watch her on the national stage and on national television! Please help me in supporting our Miss Arkansas USA and tune in on June 8th at 7:00 pm on NBC! I want to send her the very best of luck! #teamarkansas

Monday, May 19, 2014


Hello Readers,

Summer vacation is right around the corner and with that comes the humidity and all its gloriousness! Also with summer comes days at the pool, lake, hiking, cookouts, etc. and no girl wants to have those crazy curls or frizziness trying to come back through after you have created the perfect hair style! Clients ask me all the time how to help with these things. There are two things that I recommend!

One being I would change your products around! I would recommend that you use the Oribe Moisture and Control Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo helps to gently cleanse the hair and tame your curly locks without being harsh and stripping color or nutrients from the hair cuticle. The conditioner adds moisture to the hair which allows for softness and a healthy shine!
Then you should finish any look off with Impermeable's an ANTI HUMIDITY spray! How amazing is that??? Every female is state of Arkansas should own this awesome product! It puts a shield over your hair to not allow any heat or humidity to affect your style!

The other thing I recommend to help control curls and eliminate frizziness is to get a Keratin Smoothing Treatment. It infuses natural keratin into the hair cuticle and it reduces frizz and helps to make curls more manageable. Helps to reduce styling time so there is not so much time drying and straightening. The treatment itself last up to 6 months.... YES 6 MONTHS!!!! 

Stylist Lindsay Capps
Stylist Shelby Lambidonis

Stylist Megan Farmer
If you have any questions about these products or service please call Freshair Salon at 479.251.1877. My extensions is 102!

Monday, May 12, 2014

The I Do's of Bridal Hair

Hello Readers,

Wedding season is in full swing. The venue has been booked, you've approved the playlist with the DJ, flowers have been arranged, and the dress has been fitted... But have you met with your hairstylist and/or makeup artist? I think it is always super important for a bride to meet with her hairstylist at least one time before the wedding if not more. Here are a few things that I always go over with my brides!

1. How many girls are in the Bridal Party?

I like to ask this for time purposes and want to time everything just right! I need to know how many bridesmaids, MOB, MOG, or flower girls I will being doing hair for. Especially when it comes to a Southern Belle... Along with big hair they like big bridal parties. As a hairstylist one of the things I hate the most is making others late because I am running behind! I value your time and want to keep things running as smoothly as possible for you!

2. Have a practice run!

You should have at least one practice run with your hairstylist! I specialize in updos... It's one of my absolute favorite things to do! Therefore, people I don't know/never met call me and ask me to do their wedding hair. And because of that I always recommend a practice run. Bring pictures of what you like and what you don't like. And I always think its a GREAT idea to do a practice run with your hairstylist the same day you have a dress fitting so they you can see everything together!

3. Hair pieces.

If you plan on wearing some kind of hair piece whether it's a veil, hair broach, headband or flower piece, then let me know and bring it to your practice run. I will build an updo differently if i know that there is some kind of hair piece to go in.

4. Too Shampoo or Not to Shampoo...

The question I get the most is "do I shampoo my hair the morning of the wedding or not"? The answer is based on two things. How oily you hair is and your hairstylist's preference. I prefer that the hair not be shampooed the morning of because it typically won't hold as well. I prefer she does it the night before the wedding so that it looks clean but isn't too clean for me to work with. But if the bride has oily hair and wants to shampoo the morning of then I just ask that she lets me know so that I can bring the proper product! One of my favorite products to use in that instance is Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray! It adds a little bit of texture to hair for me to work with and it also adds some amazing volume to the hair as well!

5. Bridesmaid hair doesn't technically have to match!

Brides ask me if they should make everyones hair match... And it really comes down to what you want! If you want everyone's hair to match then ok. But you have to remember that not everyone in your bridal party will have the same texture or length of hair so it's hard to make everyone's hair look the EXACT same! I recommend that you pick two or three hairstyles for your bridesmaids to choose from and go from there. On the other side of the spectrum I have had the bride that says her bridesmaids can do whatever they want with their hair.... If that's what you want than GREAT! But I will say this... You need to decide what you want to do with your hair and tell them they can do anything but that. It's your special day and you need to be the one that looks different and stands out!