Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hair show!

Hello Readers,

Yesterday I had the opportunity to compete in the Paul Mitchell the School's Hair show and going to these shows provides so much inspiration for me! I see the amazing pieces of art (seriously the only way to really describe the hair and makeup you see)! I sit back sometimes and am blown away by these students because they can create such amazing things and they have been doing this for such a short amount of time! So today I am going to feature some of my favorite looks!

The theme was Roar: The Rise and Fall of Mother Earth... So we started with mother earth and worked our way to the apocalypse! And had reptiles, birds and a ton of other stuff in between! Here are some of my favorite looks!
Ostrich by Justin Savage
Scorpion by Alyssa Dunnam

Reptile by Claire Bailey

And now for my work... I am a little biased , but Kayla and Jared and two of the best models out there! My segment was post apocalyptic warriors. The apocalypse has happened and everyone is trying to survive now. My inspiration came from the exotic tribal look and the harsh lines of a warrior.

And here are my gorgeous models!

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