Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freshair LOVES Education!

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I have talked about how important it is for a stylist to be willing to learn new things and take education classes as much as possible! Our industry is constantly changing and the day a stylist thinks they know everything is the day they should quit. Today we took an amazing class with  Oribe Educator, Christian Ceja-Compin! We learned a new technique called Papier Set...  papier means paper in french. The goal of this set is to create a voluptuous old hollywood look with thermal waves that resembled finger waves. These looks were achieved by using several Oribe products and I will go over all them!
Christian Ceja-Compin

For each section taken we would spray Soft Lacquer and then brushed through the section to create tension. The tension helps with over directing hair while curling it and in turn will create natural looking volume without having to tease! Yes... I said NO TEASING! Soft Lacquer is a glossy hairspray that can give the hair a tacky feeling to help curls have a touchable hold and amazing shine.

The next product we used is Impermeable... This product is made to protect your perfect style from becoming frizzy due to any humidity! How perfect is that for Arkansas? So after setting the hair with paper we sprayed this over the top and then placed our gorgeous models under the dryer for about 10 minutes.
After we dropped our "rollers" we then went through and softly brushed through the curls to create a softer look. And after doing this you can do one of two things. You can finish off the look with Shine Spray or you can create a more editorial look.
The products you would use to create a more editorial look would be the Dry Texturizing Spray and Fiber Groom. The texture spray creates amazing volume and texture (this product can also be used as a dry shampoo but doesn't have the powdery feeling to it)! And the Fiber Groom is a paste that can be used to create a little control around the face.

These are the gorgeous looks Christian created:

Here are some pictures of gorgeous hair the stylists of Freshair created:
Stylist Kylee Richardson

Stylist Lindsay Capps

Stylist Kenzie Ferguson

Stylist Heather Nichols

Stylist Kelsie McLeod

Stylist Shelby Lambidonis

Stylist Bek Phelan

Stylist Megan Farmer

Stylist Kara Cashion

Stylist Emily Dunn

Stylist Misty Mills

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