Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hair show!

Hello Readers,

Yesterday I had the opportunity to compete in the Paul Mitchell the School's Hair show and going to these shows provides so much inspiration for me! I see the amazing pieces of art (seriously the only way to really describe the hair and makeup you see)! I sit back sometimes and am blown away by these students because they can create such amazing things and they have been doing this for such a short amount of time! So today I am going to feature some of my favorite looks!

The theme was Roar: The Rise and Fall of Mother Earth... So we started with mother earth and worked our way to the apocalypse! And had reptiles, birds and a ton of other stuff in between! Here are some of my favorite looks!
Ostrich by Justin Savage
Scorpion by Alyssa Dunnam

Reptile by Claire Bailey

And now for my work... I am a little biased , but Kayla and Jared and two of the best models out there! My segment was post apocalyptic warriors. The apocalypse has happened and everyone is trying to survive now. My inspiration came from the exotic tribal look and the harsh lines of a warrior.

And here are my gorgeous models!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Freshair LOVES Education!

Hello Readers,

I have talked about how important it is for a stylist to be willing to learn new things and take education classes as much as possible! Our industry is constantly changing and the day a stylist thinks they know everything is the day they should quit. Today we took an amazing class with  Oribe Educator, Christian Ceja-Compin! We learned a new technique called Papier Set...  papier means paper in french. The goal of this set is to create a voluptuous old hollywood look with thermal waves that resembled finger waves. These looks were achieved by using several Oribe products and I will go over all them!
Christian Ceja-Compin

For each section taken we would spray Soft Lacquer and then brushed through the section to create tension. The tension helps with over directing hair while curling it and in turn will create natural looking volume without having to tease! Yes... I said NO TEASING! Soft Lacquer is a glossy hairspray that can give the hair a tacky feeling to help curls have a touchable hold and amazing shine.

The next product we used is Impermeable... This product is made to protect your perfect style from becoming frizzy due to any humidity! How perfect is that for Arkansas? So after setting the hair with paper we sprayed this over the top and then placed our gorgeous models under the dryer for about 10 minutes.
After we dropped our "rollers" we then went through and softly brushed through the curls to create a softer look. And after doing this you can do one of two things. You can finish off the look with Shine Spray or you can create a more editorial look.
The products you would use to create a more editorial look would be the Dry Texturizing Spray and Fiber Groom. The texture spray creates amazing volume and texture (this product can also be used as a dry shampoo but doesn't have the powdery feeling to it)! And the Fiber Groom is a paste that can be used to create a little control around the face.

These are the gorgeous looks Christian created:

Here are some pictures of gorgeous hair the stylists of Freshair created:
Stylist Kylee Richardson

Stylist Lindsay Capps

Stylist Kenzie Ferguson

Stylist Heather Nichols

Stylist Kelsie McLeod

Stylist Shelby Lambidonis

Stylist Bek Phelan

Stylist Megan Farmer

Stylist Kara Cashion

Stylist Emily Dunn

Stylist Misty Mills

Saturday, April 5, 2014

6 Things I think you should know!

Hello Readers,

I have been seeing a lot of lists lately about what you hairstylist wants you to know, doesn't want you to know and everything in between. So I thought that I would make my own list of things that can make your salon experience even more enjoyable then you ever thought it could be!

So here we go...

1. I will always be more than willing to fix your hair if you are unhappy for it! 
If you are unhappy with your service than your stylist is usually more than happy to fix it for you (For example: Wished your hair was a little shorter or you blonde a little less yellow/orange etc).When you are walking around telling people how much you hate your hair or how it's not quite what you wanted then that looks bad on us. We obviously don't want that. All we ask is that you let us know within a timely manner and are polite about it. On the other hand... If somebody fries your hair off or does a terrible haircut... then it's probably time to find a new stylist! 

2. Consultations are a MUST.
I have a very thorough consultation with all my clients... especially new ones. I ask them what they like about their current hair and what they don't like. I like to ask what their styling routine is at home and the types of products they use. I ask what they do for a living and how much time they would like to spend doing their hair every day! I like to know all of these things because it tells me a lot about you and your hair. For example: If you use a mousse and like to round brush your hair everyday that tells me you like volume. Or if you tell me your a stay at home mom that has little ones at home I am going to give you a cut that you can put up so that its out of your way on those crazy days, but also is easy and fast to style on days where you have a few minutes for yourself!

3. Bring Pictures!
If you are coming in for a updo or as new client bring pictures of what you like and what you don't like! We LOVE that! It helps to make sure that we are on the same page and will help to make your experience that much better!

4. Don't hide whats in your hair.
We aren't going to judge you on the fact that you have box colored your hair in the past. Seriously... Don't be afraid to let us know. We are already so happy that you have taken that leap of faith to come in and let us help you feel beautiful! But hairstylists need to know these things so we know what precautions to take when we color your hair and to keep it as healthy as possible!

5. Clean hair is usually better. 
Please come to your appointment with clean hair. Don't show up with hair that hasn't been shampooed in a week (no judgement... I have gone much longer than a week without shampooing my hair). If your hair is dirty and has product build up then the color has to eat through all that before it can even get to your hair cuticle which means you run the risk of your color not being as perfect as you want it to. And for updos we can always add product to make you hair feel dirtier and hold better, but there not always time to shampoo and blow-dry hair. If you ever wonder if you should shampoo your hair or not you can always call your stylist or salon... we will be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

6. Brag about it! 
We LOVE LOVE LOVE when you brag about your hair and tell your friends and family that you have the best hairstylist! You are a walking billboard for us! So keep bragging! And a lot of stylists will do a referral system that benefits you... so something like if you refer me five new clients then I will give you a FREE haircut!! This is not true with all stylists, but quite a few. It never hurts to ask! And we really really love when you brag about us on social media... It is even better when you tag us AND the salon! We are serious about the saying "Go Big or Go Home" when is comes to big hair and clients that brag! 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hair Products: Salon Vs. Drugstore

Hello Readers,

Today I want to discuss the difference in professional hair products vs. drug store products! There is a lot of information to give so I am going to get right to and try not to bore you too bad with the “science” portion! Now the last time you were thinking of pH Levels it most likely had nothing to do with your hair…. But that is where we are going to begin! 

Your hair’s pH level typically is between 4.5 and 5.5 so lets just split the difference and say it’s 5.0! So naturally we are going to want to keep the products that you use on your hair close to that natural pH right? Most drug store products are generally between a 6.0 and 7.5. The popular brand, Dove, is roughly a 7.5…. which is on the alkaline side of the scale while hair is on the acidic side. One of the brands we carry at Freshair Salon is Oribe and all their products are between a 4.5-6.0. That’s enough to clean and condition the hair without damaging it or stripping any color! I am sure you are thinking why does it matter what my shampoo's pH level is? Well if your shampoo has a pH closer to your hair then is keeps the hair cuticle flat. Which means your hair stays stronger and locks in your color. Whereas if you use something like Dove that is on the alkaline side (higher than 7) then your hair cuticle could swell. This allows moisture to escape causing your hair to damage easier AND can allow the color to fade much faster. You pay your stylist for a beautiful color so why not pay a little more for products that will ensure your color!! 

Now some of you are going to say, “Well, I use professional products, but I buy them at a drugstore to save a few dollars!” Well you may be buying what looks like the products at the salon, but it won’t work as good as the real thing! Chain stores will buy bootleg versions of professional products. These “bootleggers” will buy them off of authorized distributors and then hold on to them until the barcode expires (so they don’t get caught) and then sell them to the big companies like Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. This is called diversion. But what you don’t realize is while these little products are waiting to go to their new home with you they are sitting on a shelf somewhere basically expiring. They won’t work as well as they are supposed to.  You trust your stylist with your hair… so why not with your products?