Sunday, March 9, 2014

Oscars 101

Hello Readers,
Let't talk oscars... I love love love this time of year because all the awards shows are happening and you get to see some great new trendy hairstyles, makeup trends, who's taking home one of those awkward little trophies and occasionally see Jennifer Lawrence trip and fall... again! Before I show you some of my favorites I thought I would say that I was very surprised that no one showed up in some crazy and terrible attire... a little disappointing because now who am I gonna make fun of! Just kidding... Kind of! 

Here are my top 6 (in no particular order):

1. Kate Hudson
   There is absolutely nothing bad to say about this look! I thought she was looked flawless from top to bottom! She had a very old hollywood look that is timeless! Her hairstyle is an easy one to achieve at home too! All you have to do is curl your hair with a curling iron or flat iron, let it cool, and then take a paddle brush and softly brush through the curls and then obviously tuck one side behind the ear and BAM! Done.

2. Emma Watson 
    Some people thought she look plain and boring... Well I think that you can NEVER go wrong with a classic simple look! Love the red lipstick... especially since she had softer eye makeup. Here's you tip readers: Don't try to wear a dark smokey eye with a red lipstick. It can get hooker-ish looking very fast. Some people can pull it off very well. Others start to look like a clown. 

3. Anne Hathaway
    Still not sure how I feel about this pixie cut on her. Sometimes I love it... other times I am like where is the Princess Mia? But her overall look was great! She obviously didn't have a busy hairstyle so she could do the high neckline that is completely jeweled. And then the fresh makeup that softened the look to make her look very feminine!

4. Julia Roberts
   Pretty woman... This soft, loose messy bun was perfect for her! It looked great with the dress and then her darker eyeshadow with the soft pinkish/nude lip was flawless! Nude lipstick is so in right now! It's a great thing to keep in your purse at all times!

5. Jennifer Lawrence 
   At first I really wasn't too fond of this look. But then the more I saw her on the red carpet and such it grew on me.. a lot. I don't like the fact that she looks like she has no eyebrows, but hey not everyone can have me come do their hair and makeup for the red carpet! Ha.. I wish I was that legit. Maybe someday! Other than the whole "where'd your eyebrows go" thing I think she looked very sleek and modern!

6. Sandra Bullock
   Oh Sandy... She has always been a favorite of mine! My heart broke when she had her "first runner up" moment when she didn't get called for best actress, but you win some you lose some! Loved her sweetheart neckline with the elegant curls that were swooped to one side! And once again she did the dark eye with a nude lip... Are you starting to see the trend?

So basically what you can sum up from this post is don't mix red lipstick and dark eyeshadow. And buy a nude lipstick!

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