Monday, March 17, 2014

Mira - WHAT?

Hello Readers,

So I have mentioned this Babyliss Miracurl a couple of times in passing... So I guess now is the time to dedicate a whole post to this awesome tool! So what you need to know about the Miracurl is that it is made by one of the high end people in the hot tool industry so it's LEGIT and it is also a little pricey... But worth it in my opinion! Then again, I also have an addiction to buying hot tools! And I am so not kidding about that! Anyway, yes the miracurl is pricey but worth it! It basically sucks your hair up, curls it, and then releases it! Now let me stop right there! Every time I explain this tool to someone they say is it like that thing that you can hook onto the end of your blow dryer that you see on those info-mercials?

And my question/answer to the question is "Do you really think I would try to sell you that?". So now that we have addressed that issue... This tool has three switches on it! One controls the temperature setting... And I think every hot tool out there should have this option! You can also control your curl size (small, medium, large). And then last but not least you can control the rotation of the curl! For instance, if you want to have loose beach wave curls then you set it on the large curl setting and split your hair into two sections (straight down the middle in the back) and use the rotation away from the face on each side! Super easy right! Then I usually recommend running a brush lightly through it just to soften the look a touch! Below is a link to a video to see how it works! Beware it's a little cheesy but gives you a much better feel of how this hot tool works!

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