Monday, March 31, 2014

Long hair don't care!

Hello Readers,

Hope you all like the few changes I made to my blog! I will be writing a lot about the adventures, classes, and clients that revolve around the salon I now work at (Freshair Salon). Yesterday I took this amazing class and it was all about SoCap keratin bonded extensions! One of Freshair's main priorities, other than taking care of our clients, is continuing education for the stylists. Our industry is constantly changing and in order to keep up with everything and offer our clients the best of best services we have to be willing to learn and let me tell you... FRESHAIR STYLISTS ARE WILLING TO LEARN! We started our class at 9:00 am yesterday and we didn't wrap up until about 4:00 or so! If that's not dedication... than I don't know what is!

Back to the class. SoCap has some awesome extensions... they have the largest selection in hair types (curly, wavy, straight) and over 90 hair colors to choose from (including gray and ombre colors). They are also pre-bonded with keratin tips to help the hair stay healthy and helps to ensure the hair extension lasts as long as it should. They last anywhere from 3-4 months depending on the client's hair type, texture, and preference. You can use these extensions to fill where needed for some density or put them in all over to add length and volume! Here are some before and after pictures of the models the stylist did yesterday!
Stylists: Kelsie McLeod and Kenzie Ferguson
Stylists: Amy Roberts and Emily Dunn
Stylists: Becca Banks and Megan Farmer
Stylists: Kara Cashion and Kylee Richardson
Stylists: Lindsay Capps and Bek Phelan 
Stylists: Mandy Shelton and Shelby Lambidonis
Stylists: Heather Nichols and Catelyn Hooser

If you are interested in a consultation about these extensions please call Freshair at 479.251.1877!

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