Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello Readers,

My top 5 products post went over so well with you guys that I thought I would do a Top 5 styling tools! Now you need to remember that I am a Paul Mitchell junkie! So most of the styling tools I use are Paul Mitchell!

1. Paul Mitchell Flat Iron
I use this flat iron just about EVERYDAY on my hair and it is also the only flat iron I use at the salon! It is perfect for straightening (obviously) and it is also great for those of you who like to curl your hair with a flat iron. I can create loose curls or tighter curls... your choice! The wider barrel also you to take bigger sections and helps to create those looser curls if desired. It also has a temperature control... And lets face it many of you could really benefit from a temperature control flat iron!

2. Paul Mitchell 1inch Curling Iron
I like this curling iron much more than the XL curling iron made by Paul Mitchell because unless you have crazy long hair I don't feel like you accomplish much with the XL.  I think it looks like you attempted to curled you hair and then gave up half way through the process. This curling iron gets the job done! If it is too curly you can always brush it out to make it softer looking! And this curling iron has a temperature control as well!

3. Paul Mitchell Blow Dryer
I love this blow dryer for two reasons really.... It looks legit. And it is super lightweight! Even though it is a light blow dryer it still gets the job done and it is very quiet! 

4. Babyliss Mira-curl
I don't care what anyone else says about this is AWESOME! How many other hot tools do you have that can suck your hair up, curl it, and spit it back out? I will do a tutorial on it very soon! Yes. It is on the expensive size, but well worth every penny! There are three things you can control with the miracurl: tempertaure, curl size, and curl rotation. Yeah... it's that awesome! There is one thing that drives me crazy about this thing and it is that those three things are not labeled next to switches that controls it. But that's nothing a sharpie can't fix!

5. Cricket Mini Flat Iron
This little baby flat iron (and yes I am saying that in a high pitched baby voice in my head while typing) is good for bangs or short hair! It is small enough to get close the scalp and not give you a third degree burn on your forehead! And yes, some of my clients have done this! The only thing I don't like about this flat iron is that is does not have a temperature control setting! 

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