Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pinterest vs. Hairstylist

Hello Readers,

Hope everyone is staying warm! Today we are going to talk about Pinterest! Pinterest is a hairstylist's best friend and WORST enemy all at the same time. Don't get me wrong... I love it! I get so many ideas from hair to cooking to DIY projects. But when clients come in to the salon and sit in my comfy chair and I ask them what they want to do to their hair and they say "OOHHHHH I found this super cute hair style on Pinterest that I want to do!" And then they start to show me all these crazy pictures of either wild, colorful hair or gorgeous full hair that looks very natural... say something like the following:

And then you come in with hair that is fried, super thin, shoulder length and straight as a board with no natural volume at all... we are gonna have a problem! First off... the purple hair picture is Lauren Conrad. Never in my life have I seen pictures of Lauren Conrad like these anywhere besides Pinterest! So what does that mean? Its  probably photoshopped! Here is the real picture! Yes, LC does have a gorgeous very natural ombre but it is NOT I repeat NOT purple...

And now for the second picture! The blonde has some very gorgeous, long, blonde hair that is really full and bouncy... but she probably has quite a few extensions in her hair! Now you are more than welcome to get some extensions to try to get this look but BEWARE there is upkeep to it and it does cost money.... and you will not wake up looking this every morn

ing. She also probably had a TEAM... yes I said team of stylists who did her hair and makeup for the shoot! She is beautiful and I will give her that, but she has had some help getting ready!

Ok, my little rant is done! All I ask is that when you go to see your hairstylist whether it's me or someone else and you bring out those Pinterest pictures... just beware of what YOUR hair really looks like to begin with. And ask your stylist if the look is achievable with they type of hair you have! Most stylists will be honest with you... sometimes too honest. But the truth is your hair walking around every day is OUR advertisement. If it looks bad... it hurts our business. And if it looks great... it grows our business. And because of that we will always make sure you look good and are happy with your look before you walk out of the door. And if they don't then it may be time to look into getting a new stylist!

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