Monday, February 24, 2014

Brow WOW!

Hello Readers,
Today we are going to talk about eyebrows. If my amazing mentor, Jane White, has taught me anything about doing makeup is you ALWAYS start with the eyebrows! Brows can completely change to look of any makeup whether it is day to day, a night out, or stage makeup! I am not talking about plucking every morning or anything like that.... yes, I do pluck when i see a few stray hairs but by no means is it an everyday thing. It is way too painful! Ha! I am talking about creating a full thick eyebrow! I have started to notice a trend with celebrities that people are getting away from the super thin nasty 90s brow! I love love love a full strong brow like you see pictured below.

See... I am talking about about a unibrow or cousin it brow! It is a perfectly shaped full brow! The first time I do makeup for girls (especially stage makeup) they are constantly looking at themselves in the mirror watching what I do and I always tell them after I finish their eyebrows (before any other makeup is done) not to freak out. And they always do! But then I tell them to trust me and let me finish putting on their makeup and once I am finished... they LOVE it! It makes the whole look ten times better!

So I am going to go through my day to day routine so you can see what I am talking about! But to really show you the difference I am going to only fill in one eyebrow so you can see the difference in the outcome. And for those of you who don't know me very well... I don't wear a ton of makeup. I don't wear foundation (unless its a special occasion). I have very dry and sensitive skin so for me personally the less face makeup the better. But everyone's skin is different!

WARNING: I hate taking selfies.... I always feel VERY awkward. These photos look awkward! You have been warned!!!

1. Apply concealer and highlighter where needed. And then blend.
     - I apply this to my T-zone, under eyes, and right below my cheek bones. And I blend it all out with those weird pink makeup sponges.

2. Apply cream eyeshadow.
     - I am a serious eye rubber through out the day so this eyeshadow is the BOMB.COM! Once it sets it does NOT move until I use my makeup remover. I apply this before my powder and bronzer because it needs time to set before I apply my eyeliner.

3. Apply pressed powder and bronzer.
     - Pretty self explanatory... right?

4. Fill in eyebrows and blend.
     - Now for my favorite part! I will do one of two things depending on the look I am going for! I will either use an eyebrow pencil or an eyeshadow that matches my brow color. Now because everyone does not own a brow pencil today I will use my eyeshadow. I use a fine tip brush following my brow filling it in. And then after that I will go through and extend my brow where it is needed.... If it gets too strong you can do one of two things. 1. Use a clean mascara wand and brush your eyebrow in a upward motion. 2. Or you can take a two ply tissue and pull it apart (so you technically have a 1 ply tissue). And then take your powder brush with your powder and lightly dab over the top of your brow.

5. Apply eyeliner and mascara.
    - I like a stronger eyeliner on top with no bottom liner for one of two reasons. I think its cuter and once again I am an eye rubber. So by the end of the day my bottom eyeliner is on my cheek! And for mascara I will curl my lashes first then apply mascara. And then curl again. See the difference in my left brow compared to my right?

6. Reapply under eye highlighter.
    - I reapply my under eye highlighter because I have those O' so wonderful bags under my eyes and this helps to brighten up my eyes as well!

7. Finish off with blush.
    - Once again... pretty self explanatory!

Then add some awesome red lipstick and this is your finished look! You know you like the cheesy photo!

If you have any questions about the makeup I used or colors feel free to comment below!

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