Monday, February 24, 2014


Hello Readers,

My top 5 products post went over so well with you guys that I thought I would do a Top 5 styling tools! Now you need to remember that I am a Paul Mitchell junkie! So most of the styling tools I use are Paul Mitchell!

1. Paul Mitchell Flat Iron
I use this flat iron just about EVERYDAY on my hair and it is also the only flat iron I use at the salon! It is perfect for straightening (obviously) and it is also great for those of you who like to curl your hair with a flat iron. I can create loose curls or tighter curls... your choice! The wider barrel also you to take bigger sections and helps to create those looser curls if desired. It also has a temperature control... And lets face it many of you could really benefit from a temperature control flat iron!

2. Paul Mitchell 1inch Curling Iron
I like this curling iron much more than the XL curling iron made by Paul Mitchell because unless you have crazy long hair I don't feel like you accomplish much with the XL.  I think it looks like you attempted to curled you hair and then gave up half way through the process. This curling iron gets the job done! If it is too curly you can always brush it out to make it softer looking! And this curling iron has a temperature control as well!

3. Paul Mitchell Blow Dryer
I love this blow dryer for two reasons really.... It looks legit. And it is super lightweight! Even though it is a light blow dryer it still gets the job done and it is very quiet! 

4. Babyliss Mira-curl
I don't care what anyone else says about this is AWESOME! How many other hot tools do you have that can suck your hair up, curl it, and spit it back out? I will do a tutorial on it very soon! Yes. It is on the expensive size, but well worth every penny! There are three things you can control with the miracurl: tempertaure, curl size, and curl rotation. Yeah... it's that awesome! There is one thing that drives me crazy about this thing and it is that those three things are not labeled next to switches that controls it. But that's nothing a sharpie can't fix!

5. Cricket Mini Flat Iron
This little baby flat iron (and yes I am saying that in a high pitched baby voice in my head while typing) is good for bangs or short hair! It is small enough to get close the scalp and not give you a third degree burn on your forehead! And yes, some of my clients have done this! The only thing I don't like about this flat iron is that is does not have a temperature control setting! 

Brow WOW!

Hello Readers,
Today we are going to talk about eyebrows. If my amazing mentor, Jane White, has taught me anything about doing makeup is you ALWAYS start with the eyebrows! Brows can completely change to look of any makeup whether it is day to day, a night out, or stage makeup! I am not talking about plucking every morning or anything like that.... yes, I do pluck when i see a few stray hairs but by no means is it an everyday thing. It is way too painful! Ha! I am talking about creating a full thick eyebrow! I have started to notice a trend with celebrities that people are getting away from the super thin nasty 90s brow! I love love love a full strong brow like you see pictured below.

See... I am talking about about a unibrow or cousin it brow! It is a perfectly shaped full brow! The first time I do makeup for girls (especially stage makeup) they are constantly looking at themselves in the mirror watching what I do and I always tell them after I finish their eyebrows (before any other makeup is done) not to freak out. And they always do! But then I tell them to trust me and let me finish putting on their makeup and once I am finished... they LOVE it! It makes the whole look ten times better!

So I am going to go through my day to day routine so you can see what I am talking about! But to really show you the difference I am going to only fill in one eyebrow so you can see the difference in the outcome. And for those of you who don't know me very well... I don't wear a ton of makeup. I don't wear foundation (unless its a special occasion). I have very dry and sensitive skin so for me personally the less face makeup the better. But everyone's skin is different!

WARNING: I hate taking selfies.... I always feel VERY awkward. These photos look awkward! You have been warned!!!

1. Apply concealer and highlighter where needed. And then blend.
     - I apply this to my T-zone, under eyes, and right below my cheek bones. And I blend it all out with those weird pink makeup sponges.

2. Apply cream eyeshadow.
     - I am a serious eye rubber through out the day so this eyeshadow is the BOMB.COM! Once it sets it does NOT move until I use my makeup remover. I apply this before my powder and bronzer because it needs time to set before I apply my eyeliner.

3. Apply pressed powder and bronzer.
     - Pretty self explanatory... right?

4. Fill in eyebrows and blend.
     - Now for my favorite part! I will do one of two things depending on the look I am going for! I will either use an eyebrow pencil or an eyeshadow that matches my brow color. Now because everyone does not own a brow pencil today I will use my eyeshadow. I use a fine tip brush following my brow filling it in. And then after that I will go through and extend my brow where it is needed.... If it gets too strong you can do one of two things. 1. Use a clean mascara wand and brush your eyebrow in a upward motion. 2. Or you can take a two ply tissue and pull it apart (so you technically have a 1 ply tissue). And then take your powder brush with your powder and lightly dab over the top of your brow.

5. Apply eyeliner and mascara.
    - I like a stronger eyeliner on top with no bottom liner for one of two reasons. I think its cuter and once again I am an eye rubber. So by the end of the day my bottom eyeliner is on my cheek! And for mascara I will curl my lashes first then apply mascara. And then curl again. See the difference in my left brow compared to my right?

6. Reapply under eye highlighter.
    - I reapply my under eye highlighter because I have those O' so wonderful bags under my eyes and this helps to brighten up my eyes as well!

7. Finish off with blush.
    - Once again... pretty self explanatory!

Then add some awesome red lipstick and this is your finished look! You know you like the cheesy photo!

If you have any questions about the makeup I used or colors feel free to comment below!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things!

Hello Readers,
I thought that today I should give you a top 5 product list that I think every girl should at least try once!

1. Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo and conditioner is seriously one of my ALL time favorites! I am always experimenting with products and I always end up going back to this set! Not only does it smell AMAZING but it is sooo good for your hair! It helps damaged hair to slowly become healthy again, smooths the hair cuticle down and helps protect from everyday damage! Needless to say its the perfect shampoo and conditioner... I might be a little biased. Ha

2. Paul Mitchell Dry Wash 

I don't use dry shampoo a lot... but when I do this is my go to! It isn't very powdery or gritty feeling like a lot of dry shampoos are and is smells great! It is the perfect product to get your hair through one more day!

3. It's a 10 silk therapy

Now that I have some extensions in my hair I have been trying a lot of leave in conditioners, because my extensions don't get the nutrients and oils that my natural hair gets so I have to try to fill that void for my extensions. The silk therapy line is new and awesome. It's not too heavy of a leave in conditioner... so it doesn't weigh your hair down! It's perfect for helping to brush out tangles! 

4. Super Skinny Serum

Super Skinny... so many good things about this product! First, it is an oil so it helps with those dry ends and eliminates frizz... And adds shine! It also helps with pushing the extra moisture out of your hair so that it reduces your drying time! I also like to use it with my makeup brushes. I wash them with shampoo and then put a little bit of the super skinny... so they dry faster, smell better, and keeping that extra moisture out will keep you from ruining the wood in the base of you makeup brush! 

5. Bed Head Hairspray

All around GREAT hairspray. Good hold. No crunch... you know what I am talking about! And this particular hairspray has an added shine factor to it! So its a shine spray and hairspray all in one!

On another note... I have been trying a new product line from Bosley... yes the cheesy hair growth infomercial people. They have made a few lines of shampoo, conditioner, and a few styling products for people with thinning hair. And HOLY MOLY this stuff so far is amazing... the instant thickening treatment is NO JOKE! That product blew me away the first time I used it on a client! I will hopefully be doing a post soon just about this stuff!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Pinterest vs. Hairstylist

Hello Readers,

Hope everyone is staying warm! Today we are going to talk about Pinterest! Pinterest is a hairstylist's best friend and WORST enemy all at the same time. Don't get me wrong... I love it! I get so many ideas from hair to cooking to DIY projects. But when clients come in to the salon and sit in my comfy chair and I ask them what they want to do to their hair and they say "OOHHHHH I found this super cute hair style on Pinterest that I want to do!" And then they start to show me all these crazy pictures of either wild, colorful hair or gorgeous full hair that looks very natural... say something like the following:

And then you come in with hair that is fried, super thin, shoulder length and straight as a board with no natural volume at all... we are gonna have a problem! First off... the purple hair picture is Lauren Conrad. Never in my life have I seen pictures of Lauren Conrad like these anywhere besides Pinterest! So what does that mean? Its  probably photoshopped! Here is the real picture! Yes, LC does have a gorgeous very natural ombre but it is NOT I repeat NOT purple...

And now for the second picture! The blonde has some very gorgeous, long, blonde hair that is really full and bouncy... but she probably has quite a few extensions in her hair! Now you are more than welcome to get some extensions to try to get this look but BEWARE there is upkeep to it and it does cost money.... and you will not wake up looking this every morn

ing. She also probably had a TEAM... yes I said team of stylists who did her hair and makeup for the shoot! She is beautiful and I will give her that, but she has had some help getting ready!

Ok, my little rant is done! All I ask is that when you go to see your hairstylist whether it's me or someone else and you bring out those Pinterest pictures... just beware of what YOUR hair really looks like to begin with. And ask your stylist if the look is achievable with they type of hair you have! Most stylists will be honest with you... sometimes too honest. But the truth is your hair walking around every day is OUR advertisement. If it looks bad... it hurts our business. And if it looks great... it grows our business. And because of that we will always make sure you look good and are happy with your look before you walk out of the door. And if they don't then it may be time to look into getting a new stylist!

Monday, February 3, 2014


Hello Readers,
So as you all know we had a crazy snow storm on Sunday... and while most of you were sitting by the fire sipping your hot chocolate watching the snow fall I was at the Miss Northwest Arkansas Pageant pretending to be some kind of Wonder Woman! And that's not a lie! The pageant weekend started normal with all the spray tans I had to give to some of the contestants (yes I still have orange hands)! And then we had interviews Saturday night... everything ran very smoothly but there was the anticipation of a freaking snowapocalypse!
My Drive Home

I showed up to the pageant bright and early Sunday morning hoping to get started earlier than planned because I had a lot of girls to get ready. Any due to the storm we had to move up the pageant by an hour... and for those of you who have never seen a pageant hairdresser work an hour is a LIFETIME!!! I can get 5 heads of hair done in an hour... so you can see where I was starting to panic a little. So in 3 hours I got 13 heads of hair done and 4 full faces of makeup! Holy cow.... talking about it I still don't know how I did it. But even though it was stressful I had a great time! I love getting to spend time with my pageant girls... they are the most amazing group of young woman you will EVER meet! We sit backstage having dance parties, goofing off and doing some hair and makeup! Here are a few of the girls that I got ready this weekend! And if you can't tell one of my girls, Mikaila Wilson, is your new Miss Northwest Arkansas! Wahoo!

And of course I can't forget about the outgoing queens! I had the privilege of working with both of them! I did Riley's hair at Miss Arkansas and Harper's hair at Miss Arkansas' Outstanding Teen! And we can't forget about our fun photo shoots! Two gorgeous girls on the inside and out!

Harper Lee Hudson
Miss Northwest Arkansas' Outstanding Teen 2013
Riley Snell
Miss Northwest Arkansas 2013

I can't wait for the next pageant (next weekend)! Pageant season is in full swing and will be crazy busy, but I am looking forward to every minute of it!