Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Think hair don't care!

Hello Readers,
Tonight I had a late evening in the salon! I love working late and not just because I love my job... I also love working late because I get to work with Amber (the owner of the salon that I work at)! She is always so fun to work with! We can goof off and our clients, her, and I always have some great conversations (our chairs are right next to each other)! She is a real blessing in my life and I am so happy that I found her and the salon!

Anyway... onto tonight't topic! I always have clients ask me to pros and cons of hair extensions. Some hair extensions you end up loosing more hair than you had to the extensions that you get put in and then you have this never ending battle of having to put them back in because your hair is soooo thin! And then other extensions you have to take in and out everyday, which is sometimes way too time consuming and just plain annoying! So after studying up on some extensions I have found my one true love! They are made by Hot Head and they are adhesive... meaning they are kind of taped you! It't not as tacky as it sounds and I have pictures to prove it! These are also the extensions that I wear in my hair (to add length and fullness), so you know there legit because I am verrrry picky about what I do to my hair and the products I use!

So my client tonight (Dianna) is what I like to call my guinea pig! She is always willing to try something new and lets me experiment with new techniques and products and such on her hair! She has very thin hair (especially on the sides)...always has and would still have it if it weren't for these amazing extensions! So after we colored her hair tonight (which it one of my FAVORITE ombre colors I have ever done) we went back through and added extensions to her side panels... this is only 8 extensions TOTAL (4 on each side) and it makes a crazy difference! Here is her before and after...

Crazy right? I told you... I don't joke around when it comes to hair! Ok, maybe sometimes! Now I am sure you are wondering now what do these crazy "adhesive" extensions really look like. They are not noticeable at all... don't get me wrong they do take some getting used to (we're talking 2-3 days), but after that you can hardly tell they are there! The base (or the technical term for it..."the weft") is the same color as the hair so it blends in very well! It is all 100% human hair...meaning you can curl it, wash it, straighten it, or whatever! Here is what they look like are the base...
So as you can tell they are not very noticeable unless you have someone sifting through your hair like a monkey! In Dianna's case we only used them for fullness on the sides you can also do it to add length and volume like I did on Sarah's...

Needless to say I am crazy about these extensions and they have yet to lead me astray! They can add length when wanted, they can add thickness when needed, and they can even add a little bit of a color change if you need a little color in your life! If you are looking into getting some extensions I highly encourage you to do research and see which extension type is best for you! 

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  1. Megan, you're the best! My hair looks awesome (as always) and I can't say enough good things about these extensions!!