Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mmmm Girl... Work that updo!

Hello Readers,
Clients ask me all the time what my favorite thing is to do in the salon... and I always tell them Long Hair Designs (the not so cheesy term I like to use for updos). I don't know where it came from, but one day I just did a one and now they are what I love to do and would do them everyday if possible! I remember in school they were one of the most terrifying things to get next to the dreaded perm! And now I can't imagine them not being on my service menu! Almost every weekend I am doing updos, and if I am not then I am leaning new how to's on them by watching youtube videos and looking through Pinterest! You are probably wondering why I do so many updos all the time... well the answer is I work (doing hair and makeup) the pageant circuit! Mainly in the Miss America Organization and because of that I have done quite a few updos in my time... and by quite a few I mean a TON!!! I have made so many connections and met so many amazing young woman working with my pageant girls!

One of the amazing part about getting to do updos all the time is getting to work weddings! There is nothing cooler than being a big part of a bride's day! Right after Christmas I had the opportunity to work this amazing wedding for a friend (Alex) I graduated high school with! And I loved being there! I did her hair in this amazing loose very low bun with a soft side swept bang! And for her makeup we did a nude eyeshadow with a heavy eyeliner, a stronger brow, a soft blush, and then finished it off with a plummy/pink lip color! She looked phenomenal and did I mention how amazing her photographers was? Benfield Photography was amazing and the pictures are FANTASTIC! But here are a few of the shots of Alex that I thought you could get a great feel of what her hair and makeup looked like! You can check out more of Benfield's work here!

There is one myth though that I need to address for everyone out there! You know the one that says always come to your appointment for an updo with dirty hair! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT do this! It is one thing to show up with hair that you washed the night before, but when you show up with hair that is so greasy I can fry an egg on it or hair that smells so bad it makes me want to puke there is not a whole I can do with it! If I am your stylist I would much rather you show up with clean hair and then if it's too clean for me to work with then I can always through some product in it to make it work with me a little better! So now you know!


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