Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grammy Awards

Hello Readers!
Today we are talking about the looks at the Grammy's! I love all these awards shows because I get to see new looks and love trying to recreate them! Here are some of my faves!

1st Place: Miranda Lambert
In my opinion Miranda Lambert was the best dressed overall! She looked fabulous in this red dress with a soft matching red lip color! Then her soft old school waves with one side pulled back.... seriously FAVORITE look of the night! Old school but sooo classy!

2nd Place: Taylor Swift
Now I am not a big Taylor Swift fan...like at all. But she had an overall great look. Due to higher neckline of her dress her lower ponytail was PERFECT! 
In the great words of Darrell- "Own that ponytail!"

3rd Place: Kasey Musgraves
Her dress was a little too funky for me, but I loved her side messy bun and her very soft natural makeup! 

Now for a quick how to on a messy bun!
*Every bun is much easier if you have some curl to it.
1. Tease hair and the crown if you want some volume.
2. Pull your hair into a pony tail wherever you want the center of the bun to be.

3. Grab the base of you ponytail and push up grabbing as much hair as possible.

4. Then wrap another ponytail around this... and now you are starting to create your bun!

5. From there just start to pin the bun with bobby pins.

6. Then any loose hairs you see from there pins those up as well! And then finish off with some hairspray and your done!
Hope this helps you do a quick and easy side bun at home!

P.S. Sorry for the cheesy pictures! I am working on getting better... but for now you will just have to deal with it! haha!

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