Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Grammy Awards

Hello Readers!
Today we are talking about the looks at the Grammy's! I love all these awards shows because I get to see new looks and love trying to recreate them! Here are some of my faves!

1st Place: Miranda Lambert
In my opinion Miranda Lambert was the best dressed overall! She looked fabulous in this red dress with a soft matching red lip color! Then her soft old school waves with one side pulled back.... seriously FAVORITE look of the night! Old school but sooo classy!

2nd Place: Taylor Swift
Now I am not a big Taylor Swift fan...like at all. But she had an overall great look. Due to higher neckline of her dress her lower ponytail was PERFECT! 
In the great words of Darrell- "Own that ponytail!"

3rd Place: Kasey Musgraves
Her dress was a little too funky for me, but I loved her side messy bun and her very soft natural makeup! 

Now for a quick how to on a messy bun!
*Every bun is much easier if you have some curl to it.
1. Tease hair and the crown if you want some volume.
2. Pull your hair into a pony tail wherever you want the center of the bun to be.

3. Grab the base of you ponytail and push up grabbing as much hair as possible.

4. Then wrap another ponytail around this... and now you are starting to create your bun!

5. From there just start to pin the bun with bobby pins.

6. Then any loose hairs you see from there pins those up as well! And then finish off with some hairspray and your done!
Hope this helps you do a quick and easy side bun at home!

P.S. Sorry for the cheesy pictures! I am working on getting better... but for now you will just have to deal with it! haha!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mmmm Girl... Work that updo!

Hello Readers,
Clients ask me all the time what my favorite thing is to do in the salon... and I always tell them Long Hair Designs (the not so cheesy term I like to use for updos). I don't know where it came from, but one day I just did a one and now they are what I love to do and would do them everyday if possible! I remember in school they were one of the most terrifying things to get next to the dreaded perm! And now I can't imagine them not being on my service menu! Almost every weekend I am doing updos, and if I am not then I am leaning new how to's on them by watching youtube videos and looking through Pinterest! You are probably wondering why I do so many updos all the time... well the answer is I work (doing hair and makeup) the pageant circuit! Mainly in the Miss America Organization and because of that I have done quite a few updos in my time... and by quite a few I mean a TON!!! I have made so many connections and met so many amazing young woman working with my pageant girls!

One of the amazing part about getting to do updos all the time is getting to work weddings! There is nothing cooler than being a big part of a bride's day! Right after Christmas I had the opportunity to work this amazing wedding for a friend (Alex) I graduated high school with! And I loved being there! I did her hair in this amazing loose very low bun with a soft side swept bang! And for her makeup we did a nude eyeshadow with a heavy eyeliner, a stronger brow, a soft blush, and then finished it off with a plummy/pink lip color! She looked phenomenal and did I mention how amazing her photographers was? Benfield Photography was amazing and the pictures are FANTASTIC! But here are a few of the shots of Alex that I thought you could get a great feel of what her hair and makeup looked like! You can check out more of Benfield's work here! http://www.benfieldphotography.blogspot.com

There is one myth though that I need to address for everyone out there! You know the one that says always come to your appointment for an updo with dirty hair! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do NOT do this! It is one thing to show up with hair that you washed the night before, but when you show up with hair that is so greasy I can fry an egg on it or hair that smells so bad it makes me want to puke there is not a whole I can do with it! If I am your stylist I would much rather you show up with clean hair and then if it's too clean for me to work with then I can always through some product in it to make it work with me a little better! So now you know!


My lipstick brings all the boys to the yard...

Hello Readers,

Hope all is well in the blogging world! Today I want to talk to you about some lipstick! That’s right ladies…. Lipstick! I have never been one for lipstick, lip gloss, or even chap stick. I hate the way it feels on my lips and one wrong move and you have it smeared all over your face and you look like Bozo the clown… and if you know me very well you know I am not the most graceful person so a lot of the time you see Bozo the Clown and not Megan! Haha!

I am addicted to one makeup line and one makeup like ONLY…. And its Bobbi Brown cosmetics! My skin is very sensitive and Bobbi Brown is one of the few makeup lines that won’t make me break out or make my eye swell shut (which then causes me to become Patchy the Pirate and wear an eye patch… that’s another story for another time). 

 Soooo…. This now brings me to my lipstick. I wear two different shades of lipstick, and one of them is a nude color. I think that every girl should at least have a nude lipstick… whether it’s for a night out on the town or just an everyday lip color. I use Bobbi Brown (duh!) Pale Mauve lip color! It is not a true nude, so it has a hint of a pink undertone to it but it just enough to give you a touch of color.

Now can you guess what the other color is? It’s a color EVERY southern belle living in razorback nation should have…. obviously I am talking about the perfect red lipstick!  You know the one that doesn’t turn orange or pink once you get it on! Well I mix a custom color for myself made from Bobbi Brown! I mix Old Hollywood and Red Carpet to get MY perfect red! And then I always finish it off by using a lipstick sealer, which is made by the FABULOUS Jane White (owner and founder of Jane White Cosmetics) who is based out of Little Rock, Arkansas! The stuff may or may not smell like nail polish… but man does that stuff work! Once you put that over the top of ANY lip color it is NOT moving!

Lipstick still is not my favorite thing in the world, but from time to time you will catch me wearing it. And if you see one of those rare sightings of lipstick (even if it is looking a little on the Bozo the clown side) you will know exactly the color I am wearing! Hope you can find your perfect lip color!



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Think hair don't care!

Hello Readers,
Tonight I had a late evening in the salon! I love working late and not just because I love my job... I also love working late because I get to work with Amber (the owner of the salon that I work at)! She is always so fun to work with! We can goof off and our clients, her, and I always have some great conversations (our chairs are right next to each other)! She is a real blessing in my life and I am so happy that I found her and the salon!

Anyway... onto tonight't topic! I always have clients ask me to pros and cons of hair extensions. Some hair extensions you end up loosing more hair than you had to the extensions that you get put in and then you have this never ending battle of having to put them back in because your hair is soooo thin! And then other extensions you have to take in and out everyday, which is sometimes way too time consuming and just plain annoying! So after studying up on some extensions I have found my one true love! They are made by Hot Head and they are adhesive... meaning they are kind of taped you! It't not as tacky as it sounds and I have pictures to prove it! These are also the extensions that I wear in my hair (to add length and fullness), so you know there legit because I am verrrry picky about what I do to my hair and the products I use!

So my client tonight (Dianna) is what I like to call my guinea pig! She is always willing to try something new and lets me experiment with new techniques and products and such on her hair! She has very thin hair (especially on the sides)...always has and would still have it if it weren't for these amazing extensions! So after we colored her hair tonight (which it one of my FAVORITE ombre colors I have ever done) we went back through and added extensions to her side panels... this is only 8 extensions TOTAL (4 on each side) and it makes a crazy difference! Here is her before and after...

Crazy right? I told you... I don't joke around when it comes to hair! Ok, maybe sometimes! Now I am sure you are wondering now what do these crazy "adhesive" extensions really look like. They are not noticeable at all... don't get me wrong they do take some getting used to (we're talking 2-3 days), but after that you can hardly tell they are there! The base (or the technical term for it..."the weft") is the same color as the hair so it blends in very well! It is all 100% human hair...meaning you can curl it, wash it, straighten it, or whatever! Here is what they look like are the base...
So as you can tell they are not very noticeable unless you have someone sifting through your hair like a monkey! In Dianna's case we only used them for fullness on the sides you can also do it to add length and volume like I did on Sarah's...

Needless to say I am crazy about these extensions and they have yet to lead me astray! They can add length when wanted, they can add thickness when needed, and they can even add a little bit of a color change if you need a little color in your life! If you are looking into getting some extensions I highly encourage you to do research and see which extension type is best for you! 

And the award goes to...

Hello Readers,

So the Screen Actors Guild Awards happened this past weekend, and as a hairstylist the only reason I watch these kind of awards shows are to see the hair, makeup and gorgeous (or sometimes not so gorgeous) dresses! The few awards shows I have seen this year I have noticed a trend in the soft thermal waves. I like them because they resemble finger waves, but without the overuse of product look! I think waves like these should NEVER go out of style…Sofia Vergara was by far my favorite look from the SAG awards. 

I loved her hair… it was perfect for the dress she wore and her makeup was not overdone! OOOOHHHH and we cannot forget that fabulous necklace she wore! Where can I get one of those and once I find one who wants to buy it for me? I also love the loose curl look… Like Kaley Cuoco wore!

 Now I am not a fan of her eye makeup though. It was a little too heavy for my taste, but her soft curls look amazing with her middle part! And don’t even get me started on her fabulous ombre! I am really kind of jealous, because I wish I could pull of the middle part! I have tried several times but I look like I am in the second grade again.

I loved her hair… it was perfect for the dress she wore and her makeup was not overdone! OOOOHHHH and we cannot forget that fabulous necklace she wore! Where can I get one of those and once I find one who wants to buy it for me? I also love the loose curl look… Like Kaley Cuoco wore! Now I am not a fan of her eye makeup though. It was a little too heavy for my taste,

My clients in the salon always ask me how to achieve the loose curl look so here is how you do it:

1. Curl you hair with a curling iron or flat iron like you normally would… just make it a touch tighter! And remember to always curl away from your face! (Yes, you will look a little Shirley Temple-ish… But no need to worry.)
2.  After you have curled your hair spray it with some hairspray and let it cool off! Mistake number one my clients always make it not letting it cool down before doing step
3. Take a paddle brush and brush out the curls in a downward motion! (Do not brush the hair harshly.)
4. You may have to re-curl a few pieces, but once you do that give your hair one final spray of hairspray and you are gorgeous and good to go!

Go try it out and if you have any problems feel free to shot me an email or comment below and I can try to help out!

Happy Curling Readers!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New to the blogging world...

Hello Readers, 
My name is Megan and I am a stylist in Northwest Arkansas... I am new to the blogging world so please don't be too harsh! I created this blog to share my love for the wonderful industry I work in! I LOVE doing what I do everyday and I want to share my knowledge and inspire others with what I do! So on this blog you will find information on products I love and use, things that are happening in the salon, things I learn about hair and makeup... and hopefully I will get SOO legit at this I will be able to show you how to's on everyday easy hairstyles for you to do at home! Have I mentioned how much  I love my job and the clients/friends I get to hang out with everyday in the salon? I can't tell you how important it is to find a career that you LOVE! Not too long ago I got the amazing opportunity to meet Winn Claybaugh (Dean of all Paul Mitchell Schools) and John Paul Dejoria (Co-Founder of Paul Mitchell) they came to my neck of the woods for the grand opening of my alma mater's new building (Paul Mitchell the School Arkansas)! While they were there they gave a great speech on how to succeed in not only the hair industry, but also any occupation out there! If you do these three things you will succeed no matter what: 

1. LOVE what you do (your job)
2. LOVE who you do it with (your co-workers)
3. LOVE who you do it for (your clients)

And right now I can put a check mark next to all three of those things! Can you? 

1. My job is amazing! I get to make people feel gorgeous everyday and I don't know about you but I think that is really awesome! 
2. My co-workers... the girls are work with are so much fun to be around! We stand around all day (or evening in some co-workers cases) getting to play with hair and makeup and goof off! We are the most laid back and diverse group of girls you will ever meet! I am so thankful for them!
3. Now for my clients.... obviously I would not have a business without them! But I love getting to spend time with them and learn what it going on in there life... In the few years I have been doing hair my clients and I have talked about everything going on in their lives. People say that a hairstylist is much like a therapist and you have no idea how true that is. I am there for my clients in joyous times and in the worst of times and we talk about almost ANYTHING. 

I hope that everyone reading this blog LOVES those three things about their jobs and if they don't then do something about it! Thats all I have for today, readers... I hope that you will continue to read my blog! And I am sorry if my grammar skills aren't up to par... I will try better. I promise!

Gossip Girl

P.S. I had to try to sign off like Gossip Girl obviously... when you say xoxo thats where my mind automatically goes! Haha!